Scuba Diving in Ladysmith, Chemainus and the 49th Parallel on Vancouver Island

Rated as one of the best cold water destination in the world for scuba diving, the water surrounding Vancouver Island and its neighbouring islands is second only to the Red Sea for clarity and diversity of marine life. Winter is the peak season for diving because the temperate waters provide incredible visibility around the Island(s). There are many sites in Ladysmith and Chemainus area and its vicinity for both shore dive and boat dive.

As a premier Vancouver Island B&B, there is direct beach access from Beachside Garden B&B for our guests!

One of these very convenient sites is the Rock Wall at the Elliott Beach Marine Park.  Entry to the beach and the rock wall is easy through a ramp from the parking area.  The current and tide at Elliott Beach do not present problem for diving, making this a very popular site.  Many diving lessons are conducted here as well.  There is a moderate amount of marine life such as shrimps, crabs, giant octopus, fishes, sea slugs and snails, sea anemones, sea cucumbers, starfishes, etc.  The various species found here are well documented by Terry Fidler, and indeed Terry provides many fabulous pictures of these marine creatures.  Here are a few samples:

Vancouver Island B&B scuba diving

Above: Giant Denodronotid – by Terry Fidler

Vancouver Island B&B scuba diving

Above: Short Plumose Anemones – by Terry Fidler

Vancouver Island B&B scuba diving

Above: Sunflower Star (almost 3 feet across) – by Terry Fidler

Other great dives around the 49th Parallel include:

  • Boeing 737 and artificial reefs near Chemainus.  This is the world’s only Boeing 737 dive site, and over 100 species of marine life have been identified living on this aircraft.
  • Bare Point, Chemainus
  • Various historical shipwrecks in Porlier Pass

There are various diving charters in the local areas, for equipment rental as well as diving adventures.

Beautiful Elliott Beach

Rock wall on far left of Elliott Beach

Early evening dive in Elliott Beach, in front of Beachside Garden B & B

Scuba divers, Elliott Beach, taken from Beachside Garden B&B, Ladysmith, Vancouver Island

Scuba divers heading out from Elliott Beach on a cool February day

Scuba dive lesson, Elliott Beach, Ladysmith, Vancouver Island

Scuba dive lesson at Elliott Beach


If you would like to stay at our Vancouver Island B&B, please get in touch and we’ll let you know how cold the water is!

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