At Beachside Garden B & B, breakfast is an intentional priority.  We pamper you with scrumptious, hot and fresh breakfast, something you won’t normally make at home.  You will enjoy our delicious multi-course breakfast in our elegant dining room with spectacular panoramic ocean view; or in the outdoor garden patio when the weather is nice.  Good food, exquisite ambiance, and great company; a perfect start for the day!

Our Breakfast

This usually includes fresh brew coffee and a selection of tea (available before breakfast begins) plus:


  • Fresh made fruit plate
  • Fresh made smoothie (rich indulgent drink with both dairy and dairy- free ingredients)
    – Tangy berry smoothie (strawberry, raspberry or blueberry grown on property)
    – Mango mania smoothie
    – Cantaloupe and strawberry smoothie
    – Blackberry and fig smoothie, with fruits grown on property
    – Nectarine sunshine smoothie
  • Home baked goods such as
    – Cranberry lemon  muffin
    – Blueberry cinnamon muffin
    – Ricotta lime muffin
    – Pineapple Ricotta cheese muffin
    – Beer, herb & cheese muffin
    – Cheddar chive biscuit
    – Cranberry orange scone
    – Loaded banana bread with pineapple, coconut and chocolate
    – Zucchini loaf with coconut, cranberries and currents
    – Granola cake with coconut and chocolate

Hot Entree:

  • Fluffy prawn, zucchini and scallion omelet
  • Chicken, shitake mushroom egg foo yung
  • Raspberry baked French toast with Canadian back bacon
  • Breakfast cheese soufflé with crispy bacon
  • Eggs Benedict on zucchini fritter with Canadian back bacon or smoke salmon
  • Lemon Ricotta pancakes with apple glazed sausages
  • Savory breakfast crepe with prawns, spinach and mushroom
  • Baked eggs in ham cup with salmon lox and orange glazed asparagus & pan roasted tomato
  • Spinach, tomato and 3 cheese strata with maple pork pattis
  • Turkey muffin frittata
  • Ricotta Blintz with strawberry sauce
  • Bacon, tomato and cheese frittata with apple glazed sausages
The Kitchen

The kitchen where your breakfast is prepared

Beachside Garden B&B dining room

Elegant dining room with spectacular panoramic ocean view

Picnic & breakfast area

Guests enjoying breakfast in the outdoor garden patio

 Sample Pictures

Fruit breakfast

Tangy strawberry-orange smoothie with fresh fruits

Fruit breakfast

Zesty orange-mango smoothie with fresh fruits

Breakfast frittata

Shrimp, zucchini and scallion frittata

Breakfast frittata

Chicken & shitake mushroom egg foo yung

Cheese souffle with crispy bacon

Cheese Souffle with Crispy Bacon

Baked raspberry French toast

Baked raspberry French toast with lemon sauce

Baked egg in ham cup with asparagus and salmon lox

Baked egg in ham cup with asparagus and salmon lox

Beachside Garden B&B Breakfast

Ricotta blintze with strawberry syrup and apple glazed sausages


Home baked muffins: cranberry/sunflower seeds, blueberry/cinnamon, blackberry/lime and cheese/apple

Every effort would be made to accommodate special dietary needs (vegetarian, celiac, diabetic, vegan, allergies) with advance notice – just let us know. It’s that easy!